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George R. Simpson Resume

From 1995 to the present, Mr. Simpson has been CEO and Chief Technical Officer of Office Management Systems Corp. and Suffolk Research Service, Inc. These two companies provide software and hardware computer services and information/consulting to the Real Estate market on the East End of Long Island, NY.

Mr. Simpson writes two weekly articles ("Anatomy of a Sale" and "Get Real") for the Independent Newspaper, the largest newspaper circulation on the East End of Long Island. Suffolk Research Service, Inc. is the only recognized source of market data on the East End of Long Island. Suffolk Research Service, Inc. property transfer data is published weekly in the "Independent", "Southampton Press", "East Hampton Star", "The Suffolk Times", and the "Long Island Travler".

These two businesses constitute the largest and oldest computer software, hardware, and information/consulting business serving that real estate market on the East End of Long Island.

Mr. Simpson also serves as CEO and Chief Technical Officer of FileSavior LLC (www.FileSavior.com) an Internet based file backup business, and Corn Gods Publishing Company, Inc. (www.ETCornGods.com) a very unusual computer game.


Darien, CT (1986 to 1995)
President of Very Few Meetings Software Company, Inc., a contract software company specializing in IBM PC based Message Editing, Database, and Communications software.
Developed "MessageBank", a LAN based messaging system using a central database, delivery of messages to alphanumeric pages, to computers on a LAN. Developed a new type of typing (keyboard less entry) machine for disabled. Developed communications packages for easy send/receive of Documents (Quick Basic and Visual Basic Versions).

Westport, CT (1983-1985)
Founder, Principal Inventor, President, CEO of High technology, start-up company based upon George R. Simpson flat panel display and computer memory inventions. Public, NASD listed company.

New York City, NY (1970-1983)
President and CEO of Word Processing Institute/Office Management Systems Corp., a Publishing, Product Design and Marketing Research, Consulting and Training Company. During the same period, he was a principal in "High TECH" operations, including: The Word Processing Report; Word Processing and the American Office; Typenvest Corp./PrintFax Assoc.; Simpson/Boldridge Partnership; Bos-Knox Partnership; Sullivan Computer Corp.; Satellite Data Corporation/Barkey Ltd.; and Stevenson + Hanson Research Group.

New York City, NY (1968-1970)
New York City: President and CEO, Text Communications Corp., -- The first commercial Word Processing Service Bureau.

Buffalo, New York City, Indianapolis, Athens Greece,
Geneva Switzerland (1964-1969)
Held various marketing, contract administration/management and product management positions at Union Carbide.

Cleveland, OH (1962-1964)
Space Scientist with Lewis Research Center, NASA, Cleveland, Ohio. Project Manager on SERT II (Space Electric Rocket Test), first orbital test of Ion Engines.


Founder, President, and CEO of the first commercial word processing service bureau (Text Communications Corp., 1968-70).
Inventor of the first CRT word processor (Text Communications Corp., 1970).
Founded and was CEO of the first Word Processing/Office Automation marketing research consulting, education, and publishing firm, Word Processing Institute/Office Management Systems Corp. (1970's); Produced trade shows, including National Business Equipment Show in New York City Coliseum; Produced and promoted hundreds of seminars and training programs all over the USA and in Europe.
Founding Editor of the first Word Processing publication, "The Word Processing Report", founding Publisher and Editor of "Word Processing and the American Office" (early 70's).
" By-line" Editor of three yearly Word Processing/Office Automation advertising sections in "TIME Magazine", first time that a non-TIME Magazine employee had appeared as By-line editor in the magazine (early 70's).
A founder of Sullivan Computer Corp., a supercomputer development company (started in the early 70's, became a public company in mid 80's).
Founder, President, and CEO of Typenvest Corporation, General Partner of Printfax Associates, a research partnership engaged in the development of a low cost mechanical dot matrix printer with correspondence quality print (late 70's).
President of the sister companies, Satellite Data Corporation and Barkey Limited, the first companies to use the international satellite communication system to "import" clerical work to the US from developing countries (to NYC from Barbados, early 80's).
Founding Director of Stevenson + Hanson Research Group, a data base and research firm engaged in opinion research for suppliers of Word Processing/Information Processing systems (early 80's).
Inventor of "Ink Projecting Typewriter Ribbon", a new non-impact Laser printing technology, intended to be used in work station printers, copiers, and fax machines (US Patent No: 4,603,986, Aug. 5, 1986).
Founder, principal inventor, President and CEO of Micro-Curl Display Technology, Inc., a Public Company engaged in the development of a proprietary display and memory technology (mid 80's).


George R. Simpson holds many patents in the US, and in foreign countries, in the fields of electrostatic displays, memory and switching technology (including US Patents: 4,235,522 -- Nov. 25, 1980; 4,248,501 -- February 3, 1981.


Mr. Simpson has written hundreds of articles, columns and papers in publications including four market research studies for "Frost and Sullivan". He has been a featured speaker on over 300 occasions. His various projects have been reported upon in various publications, including: Business Week, Forbes, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Newsweek.


George R. Simpson is a graduate of Cornell University, BME -- 1961 (5 year degree). He is married with four grown children.

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