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Seller Consulting


Suffolk Research Service, Inc. provides consulting services to sellers of multimillion dollar properties. Our consulting services effectively assist sellers in maximizing the amount of money realized from the sale of their properties, and to minimize the amount of time it takes to sell the properties. Our efforts often reduce the amount of commission you pay real estate agencies for selling your property.

We have performed extensive questionnaire surveys of the buyers of real estate on the East End of Long Island. Those surveys have identified the key factors in buying and selling real estate on the East End.

Some Key Questions in Selling Your Real Estate on the East End of Long Island:

  • Is the Real Estate Agency important in selling your property -- how do you select the Agency?
  • Knowing that most real estate agents will not be able to sell your property effectively, how do you find the right agent?
  • Which is likely to be more effective, an Exclusive agency agreement or a "Co-exclusive" relationship?
  • What capabilities of the individual Exclusive Listing agent are the most important in effectively selling a property?
  • Should you insure repeated exposure of your property to hundreds of real estate agents?
  • What should be included in a detailed "exposure plan" prepaired prior to signing an exclusive agency agreement with your real estate agent/agency?
  • Should your Exclusive Listing agent hold lots of open houses for real estate agents (one or two per month)?
  • What kind of reporting should you expect from your Exclusive Listing agent?
  • How do you insure that your Exclusive Listing agent has of good pictures and a virtual tour of your property in his agency computer, and on the listing systems of his/her agency competitors?

    The answers to these and other questions are all important -- they can make the difference between you selling your property for $7 Million instead of $5 Million, the difference between your ability to sell your property in six months or a year -- rather than 5 years.

Resume of George R. Simpson, CEO of Suffolk Research Service, Inc. -- Click Here

Contact us to arrange an appointment for us to discuss how we can help you better buy or sell your property.


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