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Real Estate Agency Consulting


Suffolk Research Service, Inc. provides consulting services to the owners of Real Estate Agencies--most have room for improvement in many key areas.

We have performed extensive questionnaire surveys of the buyers of real estate on the East End of Long Island. We have also worked with most of the larger agencies and numerous smaller agencies on the East End, and we have learned their strengths and weaknesses.

Some Key Questions Needing Attention at Real Estate Agences on the East End of Long Island:

  • What programs should be implemented to address the all important task of agent recruiting?
  • How to measure the marketing/advertising performance?
  • To what extent should the agency use direct marketing to solicit buyers/sellers?
  • How to prepare an effective Exclusive Listing presentation?
  • How does an ageny tell if its advertising program is aimed in right direction?
  • Which agent compensation plan makes the most sense?
  • Is the agency's General Management adequately informed/trained?
  • Is the agency's Office Management adequately informed/trained?
  • How and how much agent training?
  • How to gauge the adequacy of "Prospect" prospecting at the agency?
  • When and how to remove "Dead wood" from agent ranks?
  • How to keep high-producer/high maintenance agents from inappropriately influencing key decisions and operations?
  • What's the best "Ups" program?

    These and other questions are important -- they make the difference between a profitable, growing agency and one that loses money and is not growing.

    Resume of George R. Simpson, CEO of Suffolk Research Service, Inc. -- Click Here

    Contact us to arrange an appointment for us to discuss how we can help you improve the performace of your agency.


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